18th May 2018

Vallelunga - Practice - 0min53s

10th May 2011

Behind the scenes of the feat- 17/05/1967 - 10min05s.

27th April 2011

Videos of ICGP 2011 race of Mike Edwards at Catalunya.

22th April 2011

Videos realised by Mandy Jordan-cooke about 2010 ICGP races.

07th of March 2011

Eric Saul winner in 1982 GP Salzburgring 350cc !

22th of February 2011

Little summary prepared and subtitled by ICGP team to allow English friends to discover
Le Cheval De Fer.

Film tribute to John Ford which tells the "fantastic ride" of the best French riders across Europe in 12 Grands Prix what constituted the world championship motorcycle speed. this film is, in first, a hymn to life, the life earned on time and on oneself ...

15th of September 2010

Interview of Eric Saul winner of ICGP 2010 Championship.

17th of September 2010

Eric Saul and l'ICGP was present during the We de l'Excellence in Reims !

03th of June 2010

Clic on the picture below to see the Eric Saul interview during the Coupes Moto Legendes 2010:

17th of April 2010

Film of the ICGP race in le Mans :

06th, 07th and 08th of August 2009

ICGP round was broadcast live on Eurosport !!

Eurosport broadcast live the ICGP road race at Brands Hatch in 2009. Enjoy yourself watching this video picked up in Youtube to have a proper idea about how hard are the ICGP riders fighting and racing !

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

29th of August 2009

Onboard lap with Eric Saul at Hengelo !

During free practice on Hengelo circuit Eric Saul show you that he has always know-how, believe me, and it runs fast in ICGP !