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It's on the Anglesey Circuit in England the 28th and 29th July that the 3rd


Located in the heart of Wales, the Anglesey circuit is typical of English shorts circuits.
Quick portions, hard brakings, blind corners, everything that makes a circuit interesting.

The dreadful weather at our arrival makes us fear a cancellation of the race, 26 knots of wind, violent rain and this without interruption, the tents that fly away and break, all the elements raging make us fear the worst.

Saturday morning, impossible to practice, finally at 16h a lull allows for a free session that will be followed a little later by a timed session on the dry but with a still strong wind.

350cc: Phil Atkinson takes pole ahead of Mike Edwards, Ian Simpson, Antony Hart and Mike Hose.
250cc: Nigel Palmer in front of Mark Rogers, Yves Hecq, Stefan Tennstadt and Bob Keller.

The practices are now finished, during the night the rain and the wind redouble intensity, in the early morning no one can say if the races will take place.


ICGP race 1 in Anglesey

Miracle, around 11h the wind falls, the rain stops and at 12.30 the ICGP rushes for the 1st race on a dry track !!!
Antony Hart makes the Hole shot in front of Simpson and Edwards for the 350, Palmer is leading the 250 followed by Hecq and Tennstadt.
Red flag at the end of the first lap after the crash of Jean Paul Lecointe, fortunately without gravity.

A new start is given, Ians Simpson starts ahead and already has a small gap at half the lap but
Edwards and Atkinson make the junction and Simpson retrograde after engine problems.

A hard fight starts between Edwards and Atkinson. He managed to pass Edwards braking him at the end of the straight and managed to dig a slight gap mid-race he will keep until the finish. Behind, Antony Hart takes the third place after a big comeback followed by Mike Hose and Ian Simpson.

In 250, Palmer takes shelter and the fight rages between Hecq and Tennstadt. They will finish in this order, followed by Bob Keller and Marc Auboiron.

Phil Atkinson sets the lap record of 1.15.772
In 250, it's Nigel Palmer in 1.20.056

ICGP race 2 in Anglesey

15h, race 2, miracle !! The wind has fallen and the sun is in the game.

350cc, Antony Hart realizes again the hole shot followed by Edwards and Atkinson. Behind the hunt is organized, Neil Watson in fight with Mike Hose manages to dig a gap that shelters him, the French Jean-Paul Lecointe, Guillaume Foureau and Patrice Fanchon finish respectively 7th, 8th and 9th.

In 250, it's again Nigel Palmer who takes the lead in front of Yves Hecq and Bob Keller after the withdrawal of Stefan Tennstadt on gearbox problem. Bob Keller and Marc Auboiron complete the top 5.

350cc fastest lap Phil Atkinson 1.13.605
250cc fastest lap Nigel Palmer 1.16.976.

A big thank you to all the riders for holding on despite the deplorable atmospheric conditions. Once again, the races were held in satisfactory conditions.

See you on 7, 8 and 9 September in Germany on theHockenheim circuit for the last European ICGP event.

The championship will end December 1st an 2nd at the Interlagos circuit in Brazil.

Classements :
350cc 250cc
Race 1: Race 2: Race 1: Race 2:
1st: Phil Atkinson Phil Atkinson Nigel Palmer Nigel Palmer
2nd: Mike Edwards Mike Edwards Yves Hecq Yves Hecq
3rd: Anthony Hart Anthony Hart Stefan Tennstadt Bob Keller
Best lap: Phil Atkinson
Phil Atkinson
Nigel Palmer
Nigel Palmer