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 15/03/2019 - CR Valencia
Racing Legend 2019

Valencia, first round of the ICGP 2019 championship

The first ICGP race took place last weekend at the Valencia circuit in Spain.
Summer weather, with temperatures of 25 degrees during the day, allowed the riders to return to the runway under ideal conditions.

On Friday, title-holder Antony Hart set the tone by taking the lead in the free sessions and the first qualifying session.
Peter Linder and Jean Paul Lecointe follow at one second.

In 250 Yves Hecq is also talking powder taking pole ahead of Stefan Tennstadt and Bob Keller.

Peter Linden crashes heavily on seezing at the end of the session.

The 2nd practice session will not improve the lap times because oil stains the end of the straight line and the first corner. Despite the sweepers, the track will remain difficult until the end of the day.

The races

Race 1

Antony Hart leads and widens the gap followed by Jean Paul Lecointe in a fight with Peter Linden who despite the pain, following his yesterday crash, clings to his wheel.

 In the 7th lap Antony Hart passes the pits with a strange sound to his engine and immediately after crashes on gearbox problem, leaving the field open to JP Lecointe and Peter Linden, Richard Peers Jones completes the podium.

In 250 it is Yves Hecq who wins with a comfortable lead over Stefan Tennstadt and Bob Keller.


Race 2

Antony Hart is out and JP Lecointe wins again in front of Peter Linden and Richard Pers Jones.

250cc: Yves Hecq must retire in the first lap, Stefan Tennstadt takes the lead in front of Bob keller in a fight with Bernard Tabarly, they will finish in that order.

Great Spanish weekend, sun and beautiful track, an excellent start to the season. Next appointment on 10/11/12 May at the Paul Ricard circuit for the Sunday Ride Classic.

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Classements :
350cc 250cc
Course 1: Course 2: Course 1: Course 2:
1er: Jean-Paul Lecointe Jean-Paul Lecointe Yves Hecq Stefan Tennstadt
2ème: Peter Linden Peter Linden Stefan Tennstadt Bob Keller
3ème: Richard Peers Jones Richard Peers Jones Bob Keller Bernard Tabarly
Record tour: Jean-Paul Lecointe
Jean-Paul Lecointe
Yves Hecq
Stefan Tennstadt