19th of october 2017

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Mike Edwards wins first European title at the age of 55

Picture: Morgan Mathurin

Racing legend and all-round bloke Mike Edwards won his first FIM European title at Almeria last weekend when he bagged the International Classic Grand Prix crown.

The Harrogate rider was campaigning a 1980 Yamaha TZ350 for Midlands based Team Beale Roberts, comprising George Beale and Eddie Roberts, the championship opened at Circuit Paul Ricard in the South of France, competing throughout Europe they racked up championship points at every round.

Meticulous preparation and mechanical support by Ally Grant ensured the team had a 100 per cent start / finish reliability rate for the delicate two-stroke race machine for every event in the championship.

Regardless of Edwards’ extensive motorcycle racing pedigree, the championship raced at two circuits where he’d never turned a wheel during his career – Sachsenring in Germany and Rijeka in Croatia. So, in order to do justice to the considerable time money and effort that the team had already invested in him, Edwards put in extra effort going and learning the circuits beforehand.

This advance recce paid dividends with Edwards ultimately rewarding the team’s efforts with double wins at both when returning to the tracks for the race events.

However, the racing year wasn’t all plain sailing, the whole season was momentarily put in doubt during the first race at the second round of the championship at Donington Park, when Mike stalled the bike on the start line.

As everyone in the pitlane looked on, there was a heart stopping moment while Mike was stationary on the front row of the grid, the entire field streamed on ‘full gas’ past him. Luckily he wasn’t struck from behind by any of the accelerating motorcycles racing to the first corner, eventually starting the bike, Mike wheelied on the way to the first corner and rode like a demon through the field, constantly lapping quicker and quicker overtaking all but two riders to get up in to third place as the chequered flag came out, having scored the fastest race lap on his way to the finish.

21st of August 2014

Press articles from La vie de la Moto 2014 on the Castellet, Hengelo, Jarama et Spa.

08th of January 2013

ICGP 2013 : Moto-Station will support 2013 International Classic Grand Prix


Sous la houlette d'Eric Saul, ancien pilote de GP, le championnat International Classic Grand Prix (ICGP) entamera une nouvelle saison en 2013. Treize ans après sa création, la vocation de l'ICGP demeure, rassemblant toujours d'anciens pilotes des GP moto avec leurs machines d'époque, des 250 cm3 et 350 cm3 2 temps de 1974 à 1984. Dans le cadre des manifestations de prestige, ces guerriers d'un autre temps multiplient les joutes, permettant à un public toujours plus nombreux de revivre des instants inoubliables ...

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07th of June 2012

A 4 pages article from a spanish magazine makes the front page !

12th of September 2011

Eric Saul interview during 2011 bol d'or classic 2011 !

04th of August 2011

The Snetterton ICGP race by Serge Garcia !

logo lvm

Serge Garcia from LVM published his article about ICGP race at Snetterton.

12th of July 2011

The Assen ICGP race by Serge Garcia !

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Serge Garcia from LVM published his article about ICGP race at Assen.

June 2nd 2011

Interview of Sandrine Dufils and Eric Saul during Coupes Moto Legende 2011 !


28th of April 2011

The ICGP Catalunya race by Serge Garcia !

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LVM published one more time an article which speak about ICGP, and it's with an exemplary speed that Serge Garcia is relaying this first round.

14th of April 2011

The ICGP season by Serge Garcia !

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LVM published his article which place ICGP world leading without equivalence , and recall the rules.

06th of April 2011

A last minute interview for Moto Caradisiac !

banniere caradisiac

Jean-Jacques Cholot for offer us a last minute interview from Eric just before his starting for spain !

Kick off the ICGP season this weekend on the Catalunya Circuit : the point with Eric Saul.

Hi Eric. That’s this week-end that is starting the ICGP season on Catalunya circuit, what about ?

Well listen, it appears not too bad. We have registered 25 riders with famous ones. We have an Aussie riders (Grant Boxhall on a Kawasaki KR 350cc) and a brazilian one (Bob Keller on a Yamaha TZ 350cc). Works Kawasaki of Guy Bertin which won last week in VMA (french championship) will be there too and they are ready to fight, so everything looks good to have exciting races.

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08th of March 2011

ICGP in SPA by Moto-journal !

banniere mj

Inevitable and now legendary motorcycle magazine, Moto-journal was in SPA for the 2009 ICGP race and graces us with this superb video report !

25th of February 2011

Walter Hoffmann and l’ICGP on the website !

banniere speedweek

Essential portal in Germany, the website is relaying too the ICGP serie with an article from Andreas Gemeinhardt and Michael Sonnick about Walter Hoffmann !

Walter Hoffmann: on 2 and 4 wheels


Walter Hoffmann, Walter Hoffmann, the German motorcycle champion of 1980 in the 350cc class, this year will be on the bike and racing cars at the starting line.

Walter Hoffmann will ride in both class in 2011. With the two wheels of the German motorcycle master plans of 1980 (350cc), will compete the entire International Classic Grand Prix Series (ICGP).

This series was established in 1999 by the French Grand Prix winner Eric Saul, which hosts 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix machines from 1974 to 1984...


2th of February 2011

A little bit of ICGP atmosphere in English side ?

banniere bsn

Here is an article from Mike Edwards for BSN in which he revels us the desire he has to participate to an ICGP race !

PhotoBritish racing legend Mike Edwards will finally pop his Yamaha TZ350 racing cork this season when he takes part in the International Classic Grand Prix Championship and re-ignites an old rivalry with another legend by the name of Ian Simpson.

Here, Spike talks through the championship in his own words and what his plans are for this year:

“Starting out racing in 1982, like many I picked the 250/350 Production classes as they were easy to ride and cheap to run.

As my riding improved and the years started to pass I changed from production to having a go in a few of the one make series that became available, namely the TZR250 Challenge, Honda CBR Challenge which in turn then led to the ‘then’ new Supersport Championships...

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06th of December 2010

Moto-station and are relaying the information !

Thanks again for this these 2 daily news website which are from the best in France about 2 wheels informations, to relay the information and to follow ICGP so near !

ICGP 2010 : An unforgettable Awards !

PhotoICGP, under the know-how of Eric Saul, brings back the 70’s Grand Prix. Through a true world championship motorcycle racing such as the legendary Kawasaki KR 350, Yamaha TZ 350 or Nicco Bakker can again "to stretch the rods" on a circuit. Recently held the awards ceremony of the ICGP in a Parisian restaurant with some special guests ...


Awards ceremony of ICGP 2010 to end this season.

PhotoIt was a busy weekend on this end of November for Eric Saul and all his team. With Salon Moto Legende and awards ceremony to participants of the 2010 ICGP season, no time to be unemployed !


02nd of December 2010

L’ICGP is exporting in Austrian !

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ICGP and Franz-patrick Dorfner are in the first page of the famous Austrian magazine Reitwagen, it easealy could be translated, please clic on pictures below to go to the article, thanks to Franz-Patrick for this information.

Reitwagen Reitwagen
07th of October 2010

L’ICGP in Cadwell Park by Serge Garcia !

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Serge Garcia release one more time an ICGP race in La Vie de la Moto and this time the Cadwell Park race, great thanks to him for his follow over the years and rendez-vous next year for new reports !

30th of September 2010

ICGP at Oschersleben by Serge Garcia !

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Release every thursday the French magazine La Vie de la Moto relays this week the ICGP race which took place in Oschersleben !

LVM Couverture LVM
September 15th 2010

International Classic Grand Prix : Eric Saul champion 2010 !


Photo Eric Saul has just won the championship motorcycle racing he has created himself : the International Classic Grand Prix (ICGP) or a competition reserved for oldtimer Grand Prix motorcycle with 2-stroke engine ... and fans of the genre, ex-GP riders and collectors ! A very good performance for this enthusiastic 56 years away from having hung leather and has to his credit some major victories during the great motorcycle Grand-prix era! At the occasion of his visit to our office Eric Saul talked about the great moments of his career and his relationships with the FFM yesterday and today, about ICGP rules, planned developments of the 2011 formula and the progress of ICSB project (International Classic Superbikes), and gave us his opinion on the abandonment of two-stroke engines in racing motorcycle racing in 2011 !

September 09th 2010

ICGP at Cadwell Park ? BSN is already speaking about !

logo BSN

The english magazine which closely follow the BSB British Superbike already released his article about ICGP race at Cadwell Park !

BSN page 1 BSN page 2
August 4th 2010

ICGP in Classic Racer magazine !

logo classic racer

Classic racer, a very famous magazine in England, closely follows the ICGP season.

In the number 144 of Classic racer Andrew French share is article about ICGP 2010 race on Le Mans circuit !

Classic Racer page 1 Classic Racer page 2
Le June 1st 2010

Very good arcticle about ICGP from Philippe Le Breton in

ICGP :The Continental Circus saw !


Lovers of "old glory", this article is for you! For almost 10 years, Eric Saul recreated with the help of pilots and collectors the atmosphere of the 70 races in a championship which is especially dedicaded to them. The next race of the International Classic Grand Prix takes place this weekend, at Albacete. Presentation.

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April 19th 2010


Eric Saul Interview : pas de langue de bois...

By Jean Jacques Cholot - Saturday april 03th 2010

We have interviewed Eric Saul during the Limoges Bike Fair, He has answered frankly to all of our questions like how difficult it is to start the ICSB, why the RC30 team was rejected from the 24 hours of Le Mans and the ICGP success.

Hi Eric, let’s start with your carrer. You’ve started racing in 1974 in the Kawa cup, right ?

You’re right, I’ve started this cup in 1974 and won it in 1975 ahead of someone called Christian Sarron. Unfortunately I was lacking of sponsors despite a pretty good start in the cup.

So you’ve had to work on markets with your father ?

Yes I’ve worked on markets, I’ve sold used cars. Even if bikes were not so expensive at these times it was not enough. I’ve kept on racing until 1986 with few money and then I’ve completely stopped.

Then you’ve done everything but bikes ?

Yes for 10 years I’ve not even open a bike magazine or touched a bike.

So in 1999 you’ve created the ICGP ?

Right. In 1997 one of my friends brought me to Montlhéry to attend the Gerard Jumeaux Trophy. It put me back into bikes. In 1997 it was the TZ Club and in 1999 it was the ICGP. We have started at the Paul Ricard track during the last Bor D’or taking place at Castellet. Then it was Daytona and a lot of other things to end up to the ICSB.

As you said last year you’ve created the ICSB…

Yes but I have to recognize it’s pretty hard !! We’ve received loads of applications since the beginning. 120 persons were interested and gave us their e-mail address for such a narrow category. But at the end, only 12 have confirmed. I still receive a lot of questions but people are not ready to jump the gap. A lot of people would like to wait until next year but to have a next year, there must be a first year ! It would be really painful to have to cancel the ICSB as we’re already sure to have ex-works bikes and former GP riders. There is a certain interest for this category and I think this is the future.

How many machines are required to ensure this project ?

To cover the organization fees we need to have at least 23 machines just to keep the budget balanced. With less machines, we lose money. Until now we’ve already invested a significant amount of money. We had a stand at the Moto Legende Fair, we have made banners, we have an internet website and we have made a lot of travels to meet event organizers and authorities. All these things cost money and now I’m stuck. We have faced the same situation with the ICGP but it was a true crush. This time I work on ICSB for the pleasure and to fulfil a need but it must not cost me money. I love racing and I don’t want to disappoint people who have helped me, especially Francis Boutet from Bike 70 website. A lot of people have been involved in this project but now we need the riders to join ! Everyone wants to join but everyone want things to happen first. If everyone continues to wait, nothing will happen. If people want to see this project happening, they have to join now.

There is already few endurance competitions for classics as Motor Events, the Classic Bol d’Or or the « trophée grand prix d’endurance classic » ?

You’re right but for example Motor Events has already a structure which works. Adding an endurance race to an already existing event is far away cheaper and risks are lower.

Precisely, as there are already races like the ICSB, it may help riders to think « I like that, I’ll carry on with Eric Saul » isn’t it ?

It would be great. But I’m still waiting for them. I would like them to come out.

Is it a call ?

Of course it is. We are complementary. Endurance requires highly reliable machines to finish the race and it costs a lot when regular superbike races are shorter, then cheaper.

Let’s take the example of the RC30 team which has been rejected of the 24 hours for some reason. This is typically the kind of team of enthusiasts who could join the ICSB in order to save it right?

Absolutely right. There are some riders including a Spanish one which are ready to join with RC 30. I strongly encourage people like that to join us as RC 30 is the perfect machine for that. Regarding the fact the RC 30 team has been rejected of this year 24 hours of Le Mans, it is logical. Last year the grid was not full and this year there was more than 80 bikes. As world championship organizers they prefer to have the most competitive bikes on the grid. I understand they have refused the RC 30 despite the fact it is a fabulous machine.

Anything else ?

The ICGP runs very well. We’ll open the 24 hours of Le Mans and there are 13 GP victories and 50 podiums on the grid so it is really a beautiful grid. Moto Journal will publish a paper about us, I hope it will continue like that. I hope to have Carlos Lavado with us the Rijeka race in Coratia.

Again I encourage anyone who has a machine suitable for ICSB or ICGP to join us, now or later. Everyone is welcome as the key words are gentleman rider spirit, conviviality and to take pleasure.

March 29th 2010

ICGP round was broadcast live on Eurosport ! !!

Eurosport broadcast live the ICGP road race at Brands Hatch in 2009. Enjoy yourself watching this video picked up in Youtube to have a proper idea about how hard are the ICGP riders fighting and racing !

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

March 18th 2010

Eric saul and ICGP in Café Racer magazine !

Learn more about Eric Saul and the ICGP birth. See unpublished pictures and discover his passion for racing and organization through his own words !

CR page 1
CR page 2
CR page 3
Le 1er Octobre 2009

Eric Saul and l’ICGP in moto revue magazine !

In order to complete the Yves Kerlo’s paper about the Cadwell Park race here is the article publish in Moto Journal N°1874 on 1st of October 2009.

mj page 1
mj page 2
mj page 3
Le 30 Aout 2009

The ICGP 2009 last round took place at Cadwell park !

From : Kerlo Classic

La sixth and last 2009 ICGP European championship round took place at CADWELL PARK on 29 and 30 of August.

At this occasion we had suggested to David DUMAINE, editor of MOTO JOURNAL to discover simultaneously the difficult Cadwell Park track and the handling of a Yamaha TZ 350 ...

Well, we can say with no hesitation that he did it pretty well, getting an 11th row on the grid out of 34 drivers present. He overtook far more experienced riders to end up at the 8th raw during the race when a rear brake problem forced him to give up.

ICGP Cadwell ParkICGP Cadwell ParkICGP Cadwell Park
ICGP Cadwell ParkICGP Cadwell ParkICGP Cadwell Park
ICGP Cadwell ParkICGP Cadwell ParkICGP Cadwell Park
ICGP Cadwell ParkICGP Cadwell Park