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04th Agust 2014

Il etait une fois le Continental Circus

You liked "Continental Circus" and the "Cheval de fer *", you'll love

Bernard Fau return to the track to film ICGP and to tell the past. The DVD release (4 hours) is planned for November 2014.

By purchasing it now you can participate in its finish. Your name will be in the credits !


Former grand prix motorcycle rider of the Continental Circus, I was an actor in the 70's "french generation". The experience of my fifteen years of racing amongst the elite drivers from 1970 to 1984 and that of thirty years on movie sets as a photographer and director gave me confidence to combine these two passions.
At 60 I found again the track and the necessity to tell this adventure. I thus taken what I had left unfinished thirty years ago.

I am one of the last drivers of this era that still has the chance and opportunity to relive this past in pictures and testimonies. It's now or never. Running to film and film to run became my credo. It is the uniqueness of this film.


See you soon on his website !!

*the Iron Horse ----- **Once upon a time the continental circus

January 14th 2014

One of the best ICGP schedule !!

The calendar is now complete and is one of the best we never had.

Dautel-Cadot R.Burns Avon

Trophées 250cc

Trophées 350cc

Trophées 350cc

The registration form for the championship as well as the entry form for the 1st meeting at Paul Ricard will be sended this week.
We wait you at Paul Ricard, in the meantime get your bikes ready for one of the best season in ICGP.

See you soon on our website !!

January 02nd 2014

A very big race schedule for ICGP 2014 !

All the team ICGP wish you a Happy new year 2014 and a maximum of podiums for all riders.

The 2013 season is now over after the presentation at restaurant Le France 3 weeks ago since we have been working on next year calendar and rules regarding an eventual change to the cut date.

After the comments on the questionnaire sheet you have fill we have decided to keep the rules as they are, cut date remains 1984.

The calendar 2014 has 3 new circuits, 2 are yet confirmed :

We will keep you informed about the progress of the schedule.

A YAMAHA challenge will be held also with the support of YAMAHA Motor France, more news to come, we are discussing about the possibility that riders with YAMAHA bikes will get a special classification, a discount on genuine spares and end of season prices.

See you soon on our website !!

Le 26 Juin 2013

And 2 confirmed meeting for 2013 ICSB championship !


Finally we will have this season 2 ICSB races, the 1st one on July 13/14th will be held on the new 3.933 kms Navarra circuit located at Los Arcos between Pamplona and Logroño. The circuit has all usual facilities.

2 free practices, 2 timed practices, 1 warm up and 2 races for this 1st meeting, you will be able also to ride in demo rides, that's mean a good track week end !!

Our 2nd race will be on September 13/14/15 at Magny Cours during the Bol d'Or Classic

We hope to have you there and do not hesitate to give this informations to all your friends.

Any question please email us at:

Best regards

The ICSB Team

22nd January 2013

The website is under maintenance for 2013 ICGP race schedule !

To update schedule for 2013 ICGP races and to archive 2012 race reports the website is going to be updated during coming days.

During this update it may have some inconvenience that it will be quickly resolved .

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon on our website !

06th of January 2013

the provisional 2013 calendar revealed !

All ICGP team wish you an Happy New Year 2013 health happiness and success also a wonderful racing season !

Here is the provisional calendar we still wait confirmation for a race in April with one to choose in between: Paul Ricard France 7/8 or Imola 19/21 or Mugello 27/28. as soon as we have confirmation we will let you know.

Dates confirmed are:

The website will be updated soon with the new schedule and latests informations, it will be maintained updated all along the 2013 season.

We will have the support of MOTOSTATION the biggest website for motorbikes in France ( 300 000 visits per month ) they will publish results and press reports about our races and promote our serie. Avon will be again our partner for the tyres.

See you soon on our Website !

15th of March 2012

Silencers for race !

Silencers from Jim Lomas specially developped for the ICGP are available through Fondseca with a discount for ICGP riders.

10th March 2012


A Champagne for the best moments of your life.

From Right to Left : Read Agostini, Lavado, Nieto enjoying the Dautel-Cadot Champagne at Jarama

The schedule for 2012 is available !

Registration forms are available on request at :

1. CATALUYNA on 21st/22nd April ~ Masters Historic Racing Meeting.

2. RIJEKA on 15th/16th/17th June European Championship

3. BRANDS HATCH on 20th/21st/22nd July ~ BSB Meeting

4. OSCHERSLEBEN on 9th/10th/11th/12th August ~ Chpt Du Monde Endurance Meeting

5. LE MANS on 28th/29th/30th September ~ Festival du Mans Meeting

6. ARAGON MOTORLAND ESPAGNE on 26th/27th/28th October

Avon tires are compulsory and we are able to offer competitive price for Avon tyres to registered ICGP Riders.

There will also be  bonus tyres to be awarded to registered ICGP riders at each meeting..

We have now the Champagne " DAUTEL-CADOT " who will award all riders on the podium for all the season.

Visit them at  :

04th of February 2012

ICGP – prize giving – CAFE LE VIADUC, PARIS

An animated evening was attended by many ICGP riders and relatives in Paris on February 4th. Eric Saul presented the new calendar for the new 2012 Championship ICGP at the Viaduc Cafe, close to the Bastille in Paris.Each trophy was given whilst a four piece jazz band played in the background. During the evening the magician Didier Gourci entertained everybody with his magic acts, culminating in a magic show at the front.

A slide show of music and photographs from the 2011 season was played out on the giant stone wall at the back of the restaurant. With Jean Claude from the Flying Gaskets making a surprise appearance at the end of the evening, who sang with Georges Asseo on bass, Serge Mosselmans on guitar and Sandrine Dufils on the drums.The minus temperatures of the Paris weather was put aside by the heat of the restaurant and the ICGP troupe enjoying themselves. The three categories of the races were well represented, with the 250 class being won by Yves Hecq who had come with Veronique from Guadeloupe for the occasion, with Veronique assisting the magician on stage and entertaining the room.2nd place went to Eric Saul, and third to Andre Gouin.The fastest category, the 350 class was very anglo french, with Guy Bertin as the overall winner, on a bike prepared by Jean-Paul Mestre.Then in second place the ex-victorious triple TT winner Ian Simpson, and in third place english rookie Christopher Bishop.Finally the Masters category was represented with dignity by the over 55's, but also exceptionally effective bike handling.Guy Bertin took the top position, Walter Hoffman 2nd and Eric Saul 3rd.

Some special trophies were also distributed with great surprise by the recipients, Stuart Melen, Jean-Paul Mestre and Mike Edwards, who's birthday was also celebrated with a surprise 50th birthday cake and a song to accompany the presentation of it to him. The first event of the 2012 Championship will begin as last year in the sun at the prestigious MotoGP circuit of Catalunya in Spain and is scheduled to finish also in the sunshine on the new to ICGP circuit of Motorland Aragon also in Spain, one month after the MotoGP is there.Eric Saul plans to introduce a new sponsor to the series with the champagne producer "Dautel-Cadot" whose prestigious champagne will be presented to all the podium winners in 2012.

The use of Avon tyres for the serie was there CONFIRMED AND ALL RIDERS MUST USE THE AVON TIRES DURING THE WHOLE SEASON The riders now impatient to commence the new season, said farewell to each other with ACDC, Highway to Hell playing in the background and looked forward to new adventures on the european circuits. The new sponsor Dautel-Cadot Champagnes join the existing sponsors of the series: GMM (Yves Hecq), Robert Burns, and the CIC.

Paris prize giving 2011

04th of August 2011

Everybody at Magny-cours for ICGP race and the Flyings Gaskets concert !

logo boc

The ICGP race at Magny-cours on 10 / 11th of September is confirmed I annouce that this race week-end will be accompanied by the Flyings Gaskets concert to ignite the circuit, with Sandrine as drummer.

So it's a big surprise and a very good opportunity not to miss, we are waiting for you !!

To get more you can visit the website of Le Bol d'Or Classic

logo boc
06th of Jully 2011

A race confirmed in France at Magny-cours for the 2011 ICGP season !

logo boc

This is done, both organisations have quickly find an agreement for the (indispensable) presence of ICGP with this great meeting of the Bol d'Or Classic.

2 free testings on friday, 1 qualifying and always 2 races, one on saturday and one on sunday, you are already numerous to have answered present, the webmaster will be there and will make a little film as usual.

logo boc
22nd of June 2011

A race in France at Magny-cours for the 2011 ICGP season ?

logo boc

This race could be planned in 2011 calendar, we are working to answer to the organisator who ask us in his meeting called Le Bol d'Or Classic on 10 / 11 of September and we will keep you informed about progress.

To get more you can visit the website of Le Bol d'Or Classic

logo boc
June 2nd 201

Assen was the place where ICGP has come with the new van design and his new marquee !

The new van has been offered by Robert Burns Ltd and GMM, and the marquee offered by offered by : 4 Counties insurance / Harris Performance / Precision ingeneering / Fondseca.

13th of May 2011

Registration for ICGP races at Snetterton and Brands Hatch are open !!

logo BSB

Registrations are open for these 2 ICGP races will take place on 1 / 3th July 2011 for Snetterton and 7 / 9th October for Brands Hatch.

You can Register online or contact Eric Saul directly.

Schedule details aren't avalaible yet but will be soon, to get more please check the British Superbike website.

05th of February 2011

A confirmed race on the Catalunya circuit on 08th, 09th and 10th of April 2011 !!

trace jarama

It's on the MotoGP Spanish circuit and with 2 races that will host the first round of the 2011 ICGP championship.

What's better than this fabulous circuit to start the season, these Yamaha TZ and other factory road racing will be honored and at the good place and being the ancestors of MotoGP.

Details about the week-end will be available soon.

04th of February 2011

3rd edition of the Sunday Ride Classic.


Eric Saul and several ICGP riders will meet on sunday 24th and monday 25th of April 2011 for a unique show.


This year, come to ride with your classic motorcycle on a day (2 ride sessions) or enjoy the entire week-end !
2 days (4 sessions of 20 minutes each) on a sensational circuit with exceptionnal security. Places on the circuit are available for all motorcycle between 1969 and 1989.


affiche SRCIn accordance with the direction of the Circuit Paul Ricard, special facilities are provided to allow everyone to enter the Paddock.

Come and meet famous drivers and admire exceptional machines.

To register for riding or to get more :
rendez-vous on the Sunday Ride Classic website.

26th of January 2011

A race at Jarama circuit on 28th and 30th of October 2011 is being confirmed !!

trace jarama

This race, which is 95% confirmed, will take place on mythical Jarama circuit and during the Jarama Classic Revival.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the 2011 calendar which is going ahead but with dates which could be subject to change.

21th of January 2011

Rijeka race as moved to 24-26th of June 2011 !!

trace grobnik

The Rijeka race originally planned on 10 and 12th of June as moved to 24th and 26th of June, and we can announce that advanced discussions are on going about a race on Catalunya circuit on April in Spain.

20th of January 2011

Icgp website grows up !

logo icgp

We use this news to wish you our best wishes for the year 2011 !!

So here is for 2011 a modified website, more large and optimised with new areas.

One of new is concerns the riders page which give access to personal cards with detailed informations on motorcycle, rider, and describing the carreer and results. this card coulb be modified or completed by you, for that you just need to send me your text and pictures and I will put it online !

The old website version are accessible throught Results then Archives

To give faster access to medias a gallery bouton will regroup pictures and videos from differents articles .

2011 it's new partners too with or Yamaha Motor France and a new sponsor beside of Robert Burns with Purflux, but others are yet under discussions.

You will find most of boutons from the oldest website like Latest news and press for a better access to dispatched news and press reports.

Special pages for remanufacturing parts could be online soon with for exemple Jean-paul Mestre products (page under construction) or Protomotec that you will find in partenairs page.

I whish you a good tour and don't hesitate to contact the webmaster to report a bug or to contribute.

21th of December 2010

Here are the firsts confirmed dates of 2011 ICGP calendar !

TT Assen circuit

We use these greeting of new year to present the first confirmed dates of the 2011 ICGP championship.

All these rounds below have 2 races.

So it's for now 10 confirmed races but several other rounds are still under discussion. Indeed, Icgp races are part of very big events and require long discussions.

We will regularly keep you informed about the progress of the calendar.

You gave us confidence and we will have accompanied with a lot of fun throughout the year 2010, you remained faithful to eprit which is carried by the ICGP and it endures. We wish you one coming year full of promises and success, our best wishes of happiness for this new year of 2011.

All ICGP team wishes you all of very good christmas and new year holidays.

02nd ot November 2010

The 2011 ICGP European Championship schedule is going ahead !

logo icgp

Still under discussions and confirmations for one race, most of them are currently confirmed for the 2011 ICGP schedule.

The 2011 schedule promise you big surprises with 7 races in Europe but with a big novelty : 2 rounds per race Week-end !!

With new riders which appears on the website on 2011 version the races will take another dimension, the battle for the title will be harder and will give more exciting races !!

Do not delay in registering for the European Championship because 2011 ICGP place are counted!

Other 2011 novetly, details and official release of the schedule after the 20th of november 2010, to register on 2011 Championship or for any information please write at or fill the form.

08th of October 2010

The date of awards ceremony is confirmed !

The awards ceremony will be on 20th of november in Paris at the restaurant Le France as next year.

If you wish to participate you just have to write to or to fill the contact form.

This awards ceremony will be featured by an article on the ICGP website.

17th of September 2010

Eric Saul and l'ICGP were present during the We de l'Excellence in Reims !

affiche we excellenceOn 10th and 11th of september in Reims took place the We de l'Excellence.

It's surrounded by many legendary drivers that Eric Saul was invited to participate at this event for his very active status as old-timer motorcycle Grand-prix pilot who organize ICGP Championship.
The atmosphere and Champagne was excellent, beautiful legendary cars, lots of pleasure to ride with the Yamaha TZ ICGP European champion in 2010, the weather was beautiful, only pleasure.

rendez-vous is taken for next year !

Here are pictures of the We de l'Excellence, thanks to Hugues Mallet and Sandrine Dufils

We de l'Excellence Eric saul et Sandrine Dufils Eric saul Eric saul in demonstration with his Yamaha 250 TZ L
Hubert Rigal Bernard Maingret Jean-françois Baldé bien entouré
Eric saul in demonstration with his Yamaha 250 TZ L Eric saul in demonstration with his Yamaha 250 TZ L Eric saul in demonstration with his Yamaha 250 TZ L We de l'Excellence
Car exhibition Car exhibition Car exhibition Car exhibition
June 24th 2010

Remanufacturing of Yamaha TD/TR/TZ gear box !


Bernd Cohnen (BCA - Racing Parts) remanufacture gearwheel and axle for Yamaha TD/TR3 and TZ 250/350 until 1980.

In exclusivity he provided his list that we send to you via ICGP website.

You can contact Bernd Cohnen with


BCA - Racing Parts
Bernd Cohnen
Am Schwimmbad 8
53474 Ahrweiler

Tel: 00492226 872980
Fax: 00492226 872989

Part list and prices :
1st wheel gear T 29 328 - 17211 - 00 107,20 €
2nd wheel gear T 27 328 - 17221 - 00 105,20 €
3rd wheel gear T 27 328 - 17231 - 00 101,60 €
4th wheel gear T 25 328 - 17241 - 00 130,20 €
5th wheel gear T 20 328 - 17251 - 00 79,20 €
6th wheel gear T 22 328 - 17261 - 00 93,20 €
2nd wheel gear T 19 328 - 17121 - 00 84,80 €
3rd wheel gear T 24 328 - 17131 - 00 130,20 €
4th wheel gear T 26 328 - 17141 - 00 105,20 €
5th wheel gear T 23 328 - 17151 - 00 109,50 €
6th wheel gear T 27 328 - 17161 - 00 101,60 €
main axle T 15 328 - 17411 - 00 188,60 €
main axle T 14 for using dry clutch in RD 188,60 €
drive axle   328 - 17421 - 00 145,20 €
drive gear waterpump   383 - 12436 - 00 75,00 €
impeller shaft gear   383 - 12459 - 00 25,00 €
special price for all 11 gear wheels and both shafts 1 400,00 €

All prices are plus 19% VAT

June 03th 2010

Eric Saul and l'ICGP were present during Coupes moto legende 2010 !

coupes moto legende

On 29 and 30 May 2010 were held the Coupes moto legende on the Dijon-prenois circuit and Eric Saul were invited for his old-timer Grand-prix racer notoriety and to demonstrate on his 1984 Yamaha TZ 250 L he uses in ICGP Championship.

In the stands the ambience is to shared, among autographs session on postcards when he was running on 1979 Bimota or during the broadcast live interview conducted by France 3 it's with great pleasure that he answered questions from the large spectators and was happy to share his story!

Not stingy with anecdotes he has been very appreciated for his availability and for his kindness, the spectators were very satisfy!

Rendez-vous next year with Eric Saul for 2011 coupes moto legende !

Clic on picture below to view the Eric Saul interview :

Here are pictures about 2010 Coupes moto legende 2010, Thanks to Hugues Mallet :

Yamaha 250 TZ L Eric saul René Guili and Eric Saul with a Fan post card Bimota 1979 Signature on Bimota 1979 post card
René Guili René Guili et Eric Saul Interview Eric Saul Interview Eric Saul
Demonstration Eric Saul Demonstration Eric Saul Demonstration Eric Saul Demonstration Eric Saul
Demonstration Steve Baker Demonstration Eric Saul Demonstration Eric Saul signature Eric Saul
Bimota TZ Eric Saul Bimota TZ Eric Saul Chevallier TZ Eric Saul Yamaha 250 TZ Eric Saul et 500 TZ René Guili
Interview d'Alain Chevallier par Jacques Busillet Jacky Germain et Eric Saul Eric Saul and Yamaha Classic Eric Saul and Christian Sarron
May 21st 2010

ICGP is expanding on Facebook and Twitter !

With an increasing and regular actuality ICGP needs to expand in order to improve answers to the requests from racers and spectators.

Facebook and Twitter are ideals medias to keep you informed in real time, discussion groups, information about your presence during events or comments on pictures will be welcome !

Clic on the links below to go to ICGP

logo facebook
logo twitter
Le August 29th 2009

One onboard lap with Eric Saul at Hengelo !

During free practice on Hengelo circuit Eric Saul show you that he has always know-how, believe me, and it runs fast in ICGP !