Dave Cooper
The Rider
First name: Cooper Second name : Dave
Children : none Nationality : British
Height : 1m65 Weight : 95 kgs
Birthdate : 28/04/1958 Age : 60 years
Job : Maintainence Engineer
Website :
Hobbies : Eating Curry ,TZ Yamahas, and enjoying life
Living country : Sleaford, England

The bike
Brand : Yamaha
Type : TZ 350 C
Team :
Displacement : 350cc
Year : 1976
Frame : Yamaha original
Engine : Yamaha original
Specific aspects : na

Type Year Results
FRC 1991 Champion in 350cc class
FRC 2000 Champion in 350cc class

Historic and pictures Commenced racing at Snetterton in 1974 at the age of 16 on a 200cc Triumph and finshed 6th in my first race.
Bought a Yamaha TD3in 1975 and my first TZ 250 in 1976. Raced for the first time in the Manx Grand Prix in 1979 finishing in 10th place in the Newcomers Race.

The 350 TZ I have now was bought for me by Crowtree Leathers in 1983 from Welsh Legend Ray Cowles and it is the same bike I use today.
This will be my 37th season of racing as I have raced every year since 1974.

FRC Champion 350 champion in 1991 & 2000, A race winner at Cadwell, Snetterton, Mallory, Croft, Darley Moor.
Have raced in the Isle of Man winning 3 silcer replicas and a Club team award and a fastest lap of 103mph on the same bike used in ICGP today.

Top ten placings in ICGP events also in Chimay, Mettet. and Jeohnville.