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 04/08/2019 - Donnington Race Results
Les 3 premiers du Championnat 250cc

From Left to Right, Stefan Tennstadt European Champion 250cc, Yves Hecq 3rd in the championship, Bob Keller European Vice-Champion 2019.

Donnington, fourth and last leg of the ICGP 2019 Championship

General Ranking

The last round of the ICGP championship took place this last weekend on the Donington circuit.
The drivers arrived on Thursday were able to enjoy a summer time, unfortunately it spoiled the next day with inscessing rain accompanied by a strong enough wind and this all weekend.

Free practice on Friday morning runs smoothly and the timed practice also.

In 350cc Antony Hart, Peter Linden and Jean Paul Lecointe are in the lead, followed by Jorge Herrera.
In 250cc is Stefan tennstaedt who achieves the best time in front of Bob Keller and Jean René Marmelat.
The YC 250 Category, which is now open to all grand prix motorcycles regardless of their year of manufacture, this time has a significant number of participants with 7 machines on the grid.

Bruce Dunn takes the pole ahead of Nigel Palmer and Malcolm Howell
The practices end without incident, everyone is preparing for the first race.

Les races

First race

Bruce Dunn's blazing start followed a little further by Nigel Palmer both in YC250, just behind Phil Atkinson on a 350 ahead of Antony Hart and Jean Paul Lecointe.
In 350 Antony Hart wins in front of Peter Linden and JP lecointe, this one is the winner of the 2019 Championship category 350, thus winning his 4th title in ICGP.
In 250 Bob Keller wins, signing his first victory in ICGP, ahead of Stefan tennstaedt and Jean René Marmelat, and wins the place of Vice Champion of Europe ICGP 250.

Stefan Tennstaedt is crowned European Champion ICGP 250, his second title in this category.

In YC 250 Nigel Palmer wins the race ahead of Bruce Dunn, Stuart Thomas wins the championship.

The Master Championship is won by Jean Paul Lecointe in front of Stefan Tennstaedt and Peter Linden.


For the coming season the regulations will change, free tires for all categories, the class YC250 becomes Open 250 and will be open to more machines, the regulations will be published soon.

Bob Keller célébrant sa victoire

Congratulations to all the riders for this beautiful season 2019!

especially for Bob Keller who finishes vice champion and wins the Donington race in 250.

Congratulations to Jorge Herrera the Chilean rider who finished 3rd in the 350 Championship and this is his first year of participation.

Calendar for next year is on the way, the 1st race will be in Spain at Valencia on March 7/8th

The ICGP thanks his partners: Dautel Cadot Champagne, Nextraining, Yamaha, FFM.

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Stefan Tennstadt, ICGP Champion for the second time!


Jean Paul Lecointe (F)   ICGP 2019 European Champion  
Peter Linden (SWE) Vice Champion
Jorge Herrera (CHL) 3rd


Stefan Tennstadt (D) ICGP 2019 European Champion
Bob Keller (BRA) European Vice Champion
Yves Hecq (B) 3rd


Jean Paul Lecointe (F) ICGP 2019 European Champion
Stefan Tennstadt (D) European Vice-Champion
Peter Linden (SWE) 3rd


YC 250
Stuart Thomas (GB) ICGP 2019 European champion