Sunday Ride Classic at Paul Ricard

20 years ago the ICGP came alive on this circuit during the last Bol d'Or in 1999.

Since that time we have put our wheels on more than 34 circuits around the world, this year again we will put our wheels at Interlagos in Brazil for the last race of the season.

I myself ran for more than 15 years throughout the Championship, my girlfriend Sandrine also ran on a 350cc Nico Bakker many seasons, my last son Marius was born during the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2007.

Many Grand Prix riders rode with us: Phil Read 8 times World Champion, Alan Carter, Charlie Williams, Guy Bertin, and until Johann Zarco who rolled in ICGP at Paul Ricard in 2016 !!!

A whole slice of life took place during these 20 years, with the great pleasure of gathering enthusiasts on superb vintage Grand Prix motorcycles in a friendly and sporting atmosphere.

Here we are again for this season which starts at Paul Ricard.

Friday morning

Despite the cool weather, the free practice runs smoothly.

In the early afternoon, the first qualifying session it's Mike Edwards of the Beale Roberts team and 350cc title holder who wins the provisional pole, followed by Antony Hart, Jean Paul Lecointe and Claudio Cipriani on the Kawasaki KR of the Frighi team ahead of Guillaume Foureau on his FGMS.

In 250cc it's Stefan Tennstadt who takes pole ahead of Werner Reuberger and a surprising Bernard Tabarly, the favorite Yves Hecq ranks 4th after this first session.

Saturday morning, second session chrono:

350cc Mike Edwards keeps pole still ahead of Hart, Cipriani, Lecointe and Foureau.

In 250cc Reuberger ahead of Hecq, Tennstadt, Rogers and Tabarly

Ranking of the practices:
Class 350cc 250cc
1st Mike Edwards Werner Reuberger
2nd Antony Hart Yves Hecq
3rd Jean Paul Lecointe Stefan Tennstadt
4th Claudio Cipriani Bernard Tabarly
5th Guillaume Foureau Rogers Mark

Saturday afternoon, 1st race:

350cc The battle is raging at the beginning of the race between Mike Edwards and Antony Hart, Cipriani not taking the start, it's Guillaume Foureau who serves as referee.

2 laps from the end Mike Edwards break down leaving the way to Antony Hart, Guillaume Foureau got the 2nd place ahead of Jean Paul Lecointe, great race of Vince Cundle who finishes 4th in front of Serge Guillermin.

250cc Yves Hecq made a great start, followed by Stefan Tennstadt and Werner Reuberger, they cross the finish line in that order.

It's time to check out the bikes for the Sunday race, but it's also time to celebrate the ICGP 20 th birthday under the awning of the ICGP hospitality unit.

120 people attend this evening which is also the occasion of the 2017 awards ceremony.

Bob Keller presents the end of year race in Brazil, a very successful program waiting the riders for this last round 2018.

All participants go back to bed late, happy to have had a great time together, with Jacques Bussillet, Thierry Espiè, Peter Balaz, former Grand Prix drivers, Marie Claude Chevallier and her daughter Jasmine who took care of the birthday cake.

The Sunday race taking place at 17h gives the riders time to prepare.

2nd race:

It is 9 degrees and the track is cold.

From the start Mike Edwards takes off but Antony Hart does not hear it that way and he clings like a devil to his tail.

Guillaume Foureau and Serge Guillermin follow, tee shot on the penultimate lap:

Mike Edwards crashes and Antony Hart has only to manage his lead, Guillaume Foureau takes again the 2nd place, Serge Guillermin completes the podium.

In 250cc Yves hecq took the lead but this time Mark Rogers made a comeback and finished second ahead of Stefan Tennstad, Werner Reuberger and Bernard Tabarly.

The race ends without incident, the drivers are eager to meet for the next race in Italy on the circuit of Vallelunga 18/20 May.

See the pictures

350cc 250cc
Race 1: Race 2: Race 1: Race 2:
1st: Antony Hart Antony Hart Yves Hecq Yves Hecq
2nd: Guillaume Foureau Guillaume Foureau Stefan Tennstadt Mark Rogers
3rd: Jean Paul Lecointe Serge Guillermin Werner Reuberger Stefan Tennstadt
Best lap: Hart: 2.27.143 Hart: 2.24.488 Hecq: 2.32.701 Hecq: 2.33.351