Cadwell Park International Classic
It's on the beautiful circuit of Cadwell Park during the International Classic Festival that will be held the last ICGP race and the titles in 250cc and 350cc will be attributed this week end.

The General Ranking is available here

Cadwell Park last round ICGP 2015

Podium 350cc Race 2 with Agostini

Even leading the 350cc championship George Hogton-Rusling can still be beat by Guy Bertin.

And the same in 250cc, Colin Sleigh could be beat by Marc Auboiron. So the championship is still open !!

Few French riders were not able to get at Cadwell due to Ferry stikes at Calais and had to go back home, being unable to travel.

The rest of the grid is mostly British and they want to show their skill on their home circuit.

Yves Hecq, the Belgian rider, had changed for this last meeting his 250 Rotax for a Kawasaki KR 350.

Friday morning, free practices under the rain, in the afternoon some series will benefit of a bit of sunny weather but on a wet track.

The rain will continue until Saturday afternoon and the 1st practice will be on a wet track.


George Hogton-Rusling take pole in 1.51.832 leading Dean Stimpson by 3.764 and Guy Bertin by 5.152. Andy Muggleton and Anthony Hart are completing the top 5.


It's Nigel Palmer with 2.00.678 followed by Colin Sleigh in 2.04.058, Peter Thorne in 2.07.460, Mark Rogers and Barry Neal completing the top 5.

2nd session, the sun is out and the track is dry.

The riders are all decided to beat their best time to get a good position on the grid.


Again: George Hogton-Rusling get the pole position followed by Dean Stimpson, Anthony Hart, Luc Notton and Guy Bertin.


Nigel Palmer takes pole leading Colin Sleigh, Roy Flower, Marc Rogers and Barry Neal for the top 5.

Everybody is getting ready for tomorrow's races.

A roast pig will be served this evening near the ICGP tent, along with beer and wine to celebrate the last race of this 2015 season.

Practice results:


  1. George Hogton-Rusling
  2. Dean Stimpson
  3. Anthony Hart
  4. Luc Notton
  5. Guy Bertin


  1. Nigel Palmer
  2. Colin Sleigh
  3. Roy Flower
  4. Mark Rogers
  5. Barry Neal

Sunday morning, the sun is shining but the weather forecast announces its deterioration at noon. The direction decides to cancel the warm-up to gain some time and allow a maximum number of races to happen on a dry track before the rain.

Start of the first ICGP race, Guy Bertin leads in front of George Hogton-Rusling, Dean Stimpson, Anthony Hart and Luc Notton. The 250cc are lead by Nigel Palmer followed by Colin Sleigh, Roy Flower and Marc Rogers very fast on this circuit.

At the 2nd lap George Hogton-Rusling takes the lead in front of Dean, Anthony and Luke, Guy find himself stuck in 5th place until the end of the race.

Behind Andy Muggleton and Bernard Fau follow in front of Yves Hecq who rides for the first time on team Mestre's Kawasaki KR 350.

The race is interrupted on the 9th lap with Danny Murphy's fall, thankfully unhurt. Bad luck for Colin Sleigh who breaks his engine during the red flag lap and is therefore not classified, he has to finish the 2nd race to take the title home, everybody is a bit on edge under his tent hoping the backup bike manages to make it to the finish line of the second race !!

Hardly breaking a sweat, it's George Hogton-Rusling who wins the race and secures the title of ICGP 2015 350cc champion, Guy Bertin is 2nd in the championship and Andy Muggleton 3rd, Anthony Hart and Peter Howarth are respectively 4th and 5th.

In 250cc it's Nigel Palmer who wins in front of Roy Flower and Mark Rogers, following are Marc Auboiron, Grant Boxhall and Bob Keller.

During the 2nd race, it rains a lot and no one's counting on it stopping anytime soon, the race is reduced to 8 laps instead of the initial 12.

Dazzling start for Guy Bertin, George Hogton-Rusling takes the lead and is closely followed by Dean Stimpson but he can't keep up and has to settle for 2nd, Anthony Hart ends up 3rd in front of Luke Notton, Guy Bertin and Andy Muggleton who will pass Berting the lap before the last but Guy takes his place back from him finishing 5th. Bernard Fau won't make a single lap, crippled by engine trouble.

In 250 Nigel Palmer takes the lead but until the very end Roy Flower will try to contest him his victory, only letting go closely before the finish line.

Colin Sleigh makes a safe race and takes the title, followed by Mark Rogers and Peter Thorne, Marc Auboiron, Grant Boxhall and Bob Keller following.

Race results:

350cc Race 1 :

  1. George Hogton-Rusling
  2. Dean Stimpson
  3. Anthony Hart
  4. Best Lap 350cc Dean Stimpson 1.39.553

350cc Race 2 :

  1. George Hogton Rusling
  2. Dean Stimpson
  3. Antony Hart
  4. Best Lap 350cc George Hogton-Rusling 1.56.025

250cc Race 1 :

  1. Nigel Palmer
  2. Roy Flower
  3. Mark Rogers
  4. Best Lap 250cc Nigel Palmer 1.43.176

250cc Race 2 :

  1. Nigel Palmer
  2. Roy Flower
  3. Colin Sleigh
  4. Best Lap 250cc Nigel Palmer 2.02.826

Podium 350 race 1

Podium 250 race 1

Podium 250 race 2

Great end for this season! The Championship winners are:


  • 1. George Hogton-Rusling
  • 2. Guy Bertin
  • 3. Andrew Muggleton
  • 250cc:

  • 1. Colin Sleigh
  • 2. Marc Auboiron
  • 3. Bob Keller
  • Master:

  • 1. Guy Bertin
  • 2. Peter Howarth
  • 3. Marc Auboiron