Mallory Park Bike Bonanza
4th ICGP race at Mallory Park during the Bonanza Festival.

The general ranking is available here

Hogton-Rusling's beast in all its glory:

After Jerez's heat, the riders find themselves in england where a much lower temperature makes us forget it's still summer.

Practice 1:

First practice on dry asphalt, the tone is set, Ian Simpson keeps it steady, after his victories at Jerez, he makes the temporary pole position in front of Bertin and Hart, Hogton-Rusling settling for 6th place.

Nigel Palmer, wild card for this race, takes the pole in front of Sleigh and Rogers, Tennstadt and Auboiron closely after them.

Practice 2:

Simpson keeps the pole, this time in front of Hogton-Rusling and Bertin, Hart and Parker completing the top 5.

Palmer and Sleigh keep their position and so do the following riders, nothing seems to indicate big changes in the upcoming race.

Race 1:

The weather has worsened, and even though the rain has stopped the racetrack is still slick with water and won't forgive any deviation of trajectory.

Great start from Bertin but he still gets passed by Simpson and ends up second in front of Hogton-Rusling, superb fight for the 4th place between Hart, Knight and Muggleton, finally won by Hart.

Palmer wins easily in front of Roy Flower and Colin Sleigh, followed by Tennstadt and Rogers.

Race 2:

The track is dry and the temperature more temperate.

Once again, head start for Bertin soon passed by Simpson, the race seems played out, but at the 7th lap, Knight, whose bike smokes a lot, falls in the big curve taking Simpson, Rogers and Tennstadt down with him, the latest is taken to the hospital.

The race starts again 40 minutes later for 12 laps and it's once more Bertin who takes the lead in front of Simpson and Hogton-Rusling.

Simpson temporarily takes the lead, but Hogton-Rusling passes him, Bertin, unable to follow, ends up third 10 seconds behind.

Palmer, Sleigh and Flower climb the podium in front of Keller and Auboiron.

Rendez-vous in two weeks at Cadwell Park for the last 2015 Championship's race.

The winner is not yet decided in 350 and the title will be given during that last race.

In 250, Colin Sleigh has the title but second place has yet to be claimed.

Race ranking:

Les pilotes ICGP partent en course!

350cc Race 1 :

  1. Ian Simpson BSR Yamaha
  2. Guy Bertin Kawasaki KR
  3. George Hogton-Rusling Gourlay Harris

350cc Race 2 :

  1. George Hogton-Rusling Gourlay Harris
  2. Ian Simpson BSR Yamaha
  3. Guy Bertin Kawasaki KR
  4. Best lap 350cc Hogton-Rusling 56.114 *New Record!*

250cc Race 1 :

  1. Nigel Palmer
  2. Roy Flower Yamaha TZ L
  3. Colin Sleigh Yamaha TZ L

250cc Race 2 :

  1. Nigel Palmer
  2. Colin Sleigh Yamaha TZ L
  3. Roy Flower Yamaha TZ L
  4. Best lap 250cc Palmer 57.830 *New Record!*

Podium 350 Mallory

Podium 250 Mallory