World GP Bike Legend
The third ICGP race of the season unfolded this week end on the Jerez racetrack during the "World GP Bike Legend".

The General Ranking is available here

Simpson untouchable!!!

A summer time, with a temperature of 38°c saw the ICGP races but also the 500 two stroke GP races be fought with the participation of Wayne Gardner, Freddie Spencer, Christian Sarron, Kevin Scwantz, Phil Read, Didier de Radigues and other classic GP pilots for this wonderful event organised masterfully by the Goose Live Event Worldwide team.

No one left wanting: wonderful Bonnie Tyler and James Toseland concert, a perfect planning for this first edition which will be sure to reiterate, those who missed this first having no excuse not to go to the one next year, such was the level and quality of the entertainment, venue, planning and main events.

It's been a while we've been waiting for such an event and it's now done; and it would be an understatement to say that it's the most important classic motorcycle event ever made.

High level races, countless events, a great atmosphere, in short, all the ingredients for an unforgettable week end.

Start of free practice on friday with many sessions, enough to tweak the bikes to the top for the race.

1st qualification session, Ian Simpson on his BSR Yamaha gives the tone leaving his opponents over 3 seconds behind, the Kawasaki reign seems now over.

George Hogton Rusling and Mike Edwards complete the first lign, Bertin on team Mestre's Kawasaki is left 3 seconds behind and nothing seems to indicate a possible comeback.

Saturday night is the end of the qualifying practice, and the 3 Yamahas prepared by Lea Gourlay seem untouchable.

Great concert by Bonnie Tyler and all pilots get ready for Sunday's races.

Race 1:

The first race starts at 11am, the outside temperature is near 35°c but a little wind brings a feeling of freshness.

Great start from Ian Simpson the Scotsman on the Yamaha BSR and no one will be able to deny him his victory, he takes at the same time the lap's best time in 1.55.127, time which won't be reached by anyone else this Spanish week end.

Mike Edwards ends up in second place in front of George Hogton Rusling, Bertin won't be able to do anything against this furious trio and he'll end up far behind with the 4th place.

In 250 it's the Italian Piccinini on team Frighi's Kawasaki who takes the lead in front of the Frenchman Marc Auboiron on his Yamaha and Bernard Tabarly on his Armstrong.

Race 2:

Bis repetita for the 2nd race, in 350cc despite a red flag on the 5th lap, the race starts again for 4 laps and it's Simpson again who wins in front of George Hogton Rusling and Antony Hart on team Fletcher's bike, Bertin on team Mestre's Kawasaki has to settle for fourth place.

The Kawasaki reign seems now over, the Yamahas having shown their superiority on the Jerez racetrack.

The general ranking now favours George Hogton Rusling with 14 points lead on Bertin and two of the races left on the British circuits of Mallory and Cadwell, a home advantage of British racers.

No doubt those two last races will be thrilling and a great deal of foresight will be needed to predict the 2015 championship results !!

In 250cc it's Colin Sleigh on his Yamaha number 2 he had entrusted to Carlos Lavado, double World Champion, for the GP legends race who wins the race in front of Piccinini and Barry Neal who makes a triumphant comeback on his magnificent Exactweld.

The 250cc ranking now sees Colin Sleigh leading with 1 point over the Belgian Yves Hecq who was missing for this Jerez race.

All the pilots left enthralled from this magical week end and the long ride there and back soon forgotten such were the memories made during this event thanks to great planning !!

Rendez-vous the 11th and 12th of July on the Mallory Park circuit in England where the Bonanza Festival will be unfolding for the next ICGP race.

Race results:

Colin Sleigh 250 race 2 winner

350cc Race 1 :

  1. Ian Simpson BSR Yamaha
  2. Mike Edwards Gourlay Harris
  3. George Hogton-Rusling Gourlay Harris

350cc Race 2 :

  1. Ian Simpson BSR Yamaha
  2. George Hogton-Rusling Gourlay Harris
  3. Antony Hart Yamaha TZ
  4. Best lap time 350cc Ian Simpson 1.55.127

250cc Race 1 :

  1. Paolo Piccinini Kawasaki KR
  2. Marc Auboiron Yamaha TZ
  3. Bernard Tabarly Armstrong

250cc Race 2 :

  1. Colin Sleigh Yamaha TZ L
  2. Paolo Piccinini Kawasaki KR
  3. Barry Neal Exactweld
  4. Best lap time 250cc Colin Sleigh 2.04.004

Podium 350 jerez

Peter Howarth

Podium 250 Jerez