30 riders from 9 countries came for the second Race of the 2015 ICGP Championship on theEstoril Circuit in Portugal.

General Ranking is available here

A great welcome from the organisers of the Portuguese road racing Championship, big garages available, great Wifi coverage, sun and good mood, all the ingredients for a great racing week end are there.

Practice 1:

350cc: George Hogton Rusling on the 350 Harris Gourlay makes first place in front of Richard Peers Jones and Richard Parker, 3 Englishmen leading in this first practice.

250cc: Colin Sleigh, best time on his 250 Yamaha TZ L, precedes Yves Hecq on his Rotax and Stefan Tennstadt on his Rotax aswell.

Practice 2:

350cc: Guy Bertin who had an engine failure for the first session takes the lead in front of Hogton Rusling and Parker in 1.58.257

250cc: Colin Sleigh takes the lead in front of the ICGP newcomer Portuguese rider Alberto Pires and Yves Hecq in 2.01.287

Course 1:


A fierce duel will oppose Hogton Rusling and Bertin until the finish line, the Englishman will impose himself with only a thousandth of a second lead on Bertin, without a doubt the closest result ICGP has known. Richard Parker completes the podium but passes the finish line more than 30 seconds after the two lead riders, then come Andy Muggleton and Richard Peers Jones who fought until the end over fourth place.


Colin Sleigh started out as a big favourite but a harmless fall at start deprives him of all chances of victory. It's the Belgian Yves Hecq who imposes himself in front of Alberto Pires who tries to contest him victory until 3 turns before then end but finally will have no choice but to let him go, his Yamaha starting to show signs of weakness. The podium is completed by the Frenchman Marc Auboiron, the Brazilian Bob Keller finishes fourth of the 250's.

Course 2:

The start is delayed by 15 minutes following the fall in the warmup lap of French rider Dominique Guillebert, the ambulance is on the track and thankfully the rider is mostly unharmed, only concussed.


We take the same and we start over, but this time it's Guy Bertin who takes the first place with 78 thousandth of a second lead on George Hogton Rusling, who makes the best lap time in 1.54.807. Behind them, it's Richard Parker who takes third place, Andy Muggleton and Richard Peers Jones completing the top 5.


Hard set on taking revenge, Colin Sleigh, making the lead, will be powerless against Yves Hecq and Stefan Tennstadt on their blazing fast Rotax. Hecq takes first position followed by Tennstadt and Sleigh, behind them, Auboiron and Wild complete the top 5.

An enchanting week end on a new GP circuit the ICGP riders found superb, next year Portimao might be the Portuguese racetrack. Food for thoughts whilst waiting for the next ICGP race the 19/20/21 of June on the beautiful Jerez circuit in Spain during the World GP Bike Legends.

Classement des courses:

350cc Race 1 :

  1. George Hogton Rusling
  2. Guy Bertin
  3. Richard Parker
  4. Andy Muggleton
  5. Richard Peers Jones
  6. Best lap Guy Bertin 1.55.623

350cc Race 2 :

  1. Guy Bertin
  2. George Hogton Rusling
  3. Richard Parker
  4. Andy Muggleton
  5. Richard Peers Jones
  6. Best lap George Hogton Rusling 1.54.807

250cc Race 1 :

  1. Yves Hecq
  2. Alberto Pires
  3. Marc Auboiron
  4. Bob Keller
  5. Michael Wild
  6. Best lap Alberto Pires 2.02.410

250cc Race 2 :

  1. Yves Hecq
  2. Stefan Tennstadt
  3. Colin Sleigh
  4. Marc Auboiron
  5. Michael Wild
  6. Best lap Yves Hecq 2.01.827

350cc Race 2

250cc Race 1

250cc Race 2