Sunday Ride Classic
It's on Paul Ricard circuit at the Castellet the 4th and 5th April 2015 that unfolded the first race of the 2015 ICGP Championship.

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A wonderful first race for 2015 ICGP season

Only the pilots registered to the ICGP Championship score points, it's the reason why the race results might be different from those of the Championship.

It's under a spring sun that the ICGP pilots find themselves on the Paul Ricard circuit for the Sunday Ride Classic, first race of the season.

Practice without falls, the Kawasaki of Cipriani, Bertin and the Yamaha Gourlay Harris of Hogton-Rusling dominate the practice in 350, Fau, Knight and Lecointe follow this trio.

In 250, it's Colin Sleigh on his TZ L who earns first place in front of Eric Saul and Stefan Tennstadt, Piccinini on his Kawasaki KR and Tabarly complete the top 5 of those practice.

Saul won't take the race start follwing mecanical difficulties.

Race 1:

The start is given Saturday under a beautiful sun, and it's Cipriani shadowed by Bertin and Hogton-Rusling who leads the race. Bertin has to stop because of a water pump problem, leaving the way clear for the Kawasaki of team Frighi followed by George Hogton-Rusling, Lecointe completes the podium.

Lap record for Cipriani in 1.26.702

In 250, it's Colin Sleigh who imposes himself easily, behind him, the battle for the podium raged between Yves Hecq and Barry Neal, 1 second only separating them.

Lap record for Colin Sleigh in 2.36.608

The pilots reunite on the podium, the Dautel Cadot champagne flows to celebrate their victory !!

Race 2:

The sun is still there despite a fresh wind blowing, and like for the first race, we find the same in lead except this time it's Hogton-Rusling who leads the dance in front of Cipriani followed closely by Bertin.

Start of the 3rd lap, Hogton Rusling breaks his engine in front of the stands leaving the way clear to the 2 Kawasaki; Bernard Fau, 3rd, some small distance away, seems assured of his position but it's without counting on 3 furiously engaged in battle: Lecointe, Knight and Muggleton, those three overtake him on the last lap and he has to settle for 5th place.

In 250, Sleigh offers us a one man show, Hecq follows a good distance away and the battle for the 3rd place between Piccinini on the Kawasaki and Tennstadt on the Rotax turns to the Italian's advantage who sends Tennstadt on the gravel, thankfully without too much damage, Marco Auboiron takes the 4th place in front of Mark Rogers.

A great week-end full of unexpected developments which promises a very eventful season.

Next race on Estoril's circuit the 22nd and 23rd of may during the Portugal's speed championship.

Race results:

350cc Race 1

350cc Race 1 :

  1. Cipriani Claudio Kawasaki KR
  2. George Hogton-Rusling Gourlay Harris
  3. Jean Paul Lecointe Yamaha TZ G

350cc Course 2 :

  1. Cipriani Claudio Kawasaki KR
  2. Guy Bertin Kawasaki KR
  3. Jean Paul Lecointe Yamaha TZ G

250cc Race 1 :

  1. Colin Sleigh Yamaha TZ L
  2. Yves Hecq Armstrong Rotax
  3. Barry Neal Exactweld

250cc Race 2 :

  1. Colin Sleigh yamaha TZ L
  2. Yves Hecq Armstrong Rotax
  3. Piccinini Kawasaki KR

350cc Race 2

250cc Race 1

250cc Race 2