BSB British Superbike.
It's on Donington circuit in England on 05 / 07 September 2014 that took place the 6th round of ICGP Championship.

General Ranking

Wonderful finish at Donington !

The last race of the season was run this weekend on the beautiful Donington in England under the BSB Superbike Championship in front of over 80,000 spectators.

In front of their audience English riders wanted to show their strength but it was not counting on the French who show during testing that they did not come to make up figuration If in 350cc Ian Simpson grabs the pole, Guy Bertin makes the second time in less than a second with old tires from Rijeka, the race is likely to be disputed !!
The first line is completed by Philip Atkinson a South African who lives in England, also at a few tenths of Bertin.

On the grid a little further back we find Mike Hose Richard Parker and Andy Muggleton.

In 250cc Colin Sleigh takes the pole ahead of defending champion Austrian Werner Reuberger and Eric Saul. With 2.5 seconds on Reuberger and 3.2 on Saul the is no really hope for a french victory but the race will prove otherwise.

From the beginning Atkinson and Simpson stand a bit followed by Bertin, Hose and Parker. Bertin finds its feet and back on top, Simpson is plagued to a strange problem, his motorcycle was inexplicably stopped and then went back but put him far away !! It will make a superb recovery, taking the lap record with 1.41.917 that would put him in the top 5 here in Moto 3 !!!
Bertin done its sums and won again the British round to the great annoyance of the local fans came to see their pilots winning.

250cc Colin Sleigh flies from the start followed by Reuberger and Tennstadt, Saul pointing a little further.

During round 3 of Eric Saul, which was the first coming on this track, finds its marks and began a climb passing successively Reuberger, Tenstadt and finally Colin Sleigh, spinning to an uncontested victory with the addition of the lap record with 1.48.436, beating Sleigh's pole.

Two Marseille in addition to the 4 from Rijeka, full card for the Frenchies !!

For race 2 drivers are ready to do it again, Guy Bertin wanting close this season on in style, everything points to a superb final.
the sun is also the party and it was in a summer temperature that ICGP riders joined the starting grid at 11:55 a.m. for the last race of the season.

Soon as the extinction of the red light Simpson got the better on Atkinson on Bertin in 350, in 250 is Sleigh which flies ahead a compact group of Hecq, Tennstadt, Reuberger and Saul. These four will fight until the end. Saul at the end of the pack is waiting to jump ahead, but the red flag two laps remaining due to falling of Robert Hall ended his hopes for a podium.

If in 350ccBertin wins again before Simpson and Atkinson, in 250 it was Sleigh just before Yves Hecq. Hecq who is back after a long break due to a fall with broken wrist which he still suffers.
The podium was completed by Reuberger, Tennstadt finished 4th and Saul 5th.

Everyone will find himself at the end of November in Paris for the traditional prize gizing in waiting for the 2015 calendar.

The ICGP wishes to thank its partners for the 2014 season:
Robert Burns LTD
Champagne Dautel-Cadot
Yamaha Europe
Avon Tyres

Final results of the ICGP Championship 2014.

250cc Austrian Werner Reuberger titleholder in 2013 on its Rotax Nico Bakker reissues and is sacred new European champion in despite of his absence from the race at Jarama in Spain.

Perfect season for him especially since his main rivals had mechanical misfortune, whatsoever Germany's Stefan Tennstadt 2nd in Championship also on Rotax Nico Bakker, Englishman Colin Sleigh third on his Yamaha TZ 1984 or Eric Saul 4th in Championship on his Chevallier / Yamaha 1982 who wins 3 of the last 4 races.

In 350cc Guy Bertin sign a new exploit on the Kawasaki KR 350 Team Mestre by winning every race this season except the first race at Paul Ricard or at Spa where the race will be shortened by one lap without warning drivers, Guy pending the final lap to take the lead and win the race will see the checkered flag be lowered with a lap ahead priving him of victory.
Master Class (over 55) is Guy Bertin, who is once again like last year before the English Peers Richard Jones, Stefan Tennstadt and Bernard Fau.

The season ended with an amazing Superbike Championship at Donington BSB English before 80,000 spectators

The 2015 scheduleis already being prepared with surprises !!