Alpe Adria Championship.
It's on the mythical circuit of Rijeka in Croatia on 29 / 31 of August 2014 that took place the 5th round of 2014 ICGP championship.

General Ranking

ICGP under Croatian sun !

It's under a bright sun that held the penultimate race of ICGP season in Croatia.

More than a dozen drivers made ​​the trip in the true spirit of the Continental Circus, caravan drivers and mechanics taking the road like the past for the next week at Donington, under the BSB Superbike Championship, to compete in the final round of the European championship ICGP.

Free practice profusely on Thursday and Friday, technical control on Saturday morning and already the first test session with Guy Bertin on Kawasaki KR 350 Mestre team wins the pole, the Austrian Werner Reuberger too in 250.

Eric Saul only done 4 laps to save his engine and ranks in 4th position of 250.

The first race takes place in the late afternoon on Saturday, drivers don't have time to breathe !!

Guy Bertin, Bernard Fau, Andy Muggleton, Richard Jones and Eric Saul Peers form a compact group.

In the final round Bertin takes advantage before Muggleton and Fau, when Saul ganant him 250 ahead Reuberger and Tennstadt.

Saturday night, drivers find themselves in the cafeteria of the circuit, fish dishes and the beer flowing, temperature dream, everything that makes this race a must-displacement !!

Sunday noon ready for the second race, the start is given and Peers Jones took command closely tailed by Bertin, Muggleton, Fau and Reuberger first 250, followed by Tennstadt and Saul.

After 3 rounds Saul decides to move top of 250 Group and passes Tennstad and Reuberger to settle in fifth position overall in signing a new lap record in 1.42.781

The race ends in victory for Bertin to Peers Jones and Muggleton in 350, and Saul Reuberger and Tennstadt in 250.

Winning weekend for French with 4 Marseillaise !!

No doubt the English will be keen to take their revenge this wek end at Donington.

The caravan went back, as the good old time, in a convoy on the road for this journey of more than 2000 kms.

See you Friday for the first practice session at Donington on this mythical track and within the BSB championship considered as the toughest of all European Superbike Championship.