Biker's Classic.
It's on Spa Francorchamps circuit in France on 04 / 06 July that took place the 4th round of 2014 ICGP champioship.

General ranking

Action wazoo !

Friday morning, the drivers start to install on the ICGP paddock at SPA circuit. For many of them, this is a first on this track qualified as one of the most beautiful in Europe with the Mugello circuit in Italy.
Eric Saul, master of ceremonies, checks licenses and pass motorcycles to the technical control, RAS, the ICGP bikes are in perfect condition and quality of these bikes has nothing to envy to a true Grand Prix grid.

As at the time of the Continental, it still happens today to receive bad news for a race companion. This was the case with the death of the rider Jean Michel Couraire during a practice session on the Merignac circuit. He had gone to setup his bike for this race at Spa. Fate had decided otherwise.
All drivers have wanted to associate with the pain of his family and motorcycles wore a commemorative sticker made ​​by the German pilot Dietmar Seck, in memory of Jean Michel for this ICGP race.

Friday night, the atmosphere is at its height, the French and Germans riders get together before the broadcast of the football world championship !
Tissues are on the table and it is the French who will use ...

Saturday morning, all the pilots received their transponder and are willing to battle for the first qualifying session. The rain begins and this is Jean Paul Lecointe who wins the pole on Richard Peers Jones and Guy Bertin in 350cc.
In 250cc this is the Austrian defending champion Werner Reuberger which get the pole just ahead Stefan Tennstadt and Barry Neal.
The second practice session promises to be played as the rain stopped and the sun came back. If the weather holds, this session will determine the starting grid.

2nd round, on time drivers go to pre-grid but starting is delayed due to oil on the track. A rider of a previous race had unfortunately drained on entire circuit and had not respected the black flag indicating an immediately stop obligation.

The round was delayed and pilots came back to the track one and a half later under uncertain conditions. The track drying good times came and it is the Italian Cipriani who finishes ahead Bertin and Notton. In 250cc Reuberger keep the pole in front of Thorne and Tennstadt.

Then all riders meet together at 9 p.m for a friendly drink in the ICGP tent, the opportunity to exchange their impressions ont the beginning of the week end.
Sunday morning the sun shines and the drivers hoping for a first dry race. This will be the case, the starting is given with a timid sun but a dry track. 7 laps planned, but the finish will be disturbed, race director has reduced the race to 1 lap without inform riders, which will result in a finish with a Guy Bertin very angry because he expected the final lap to take the lead and suddenly finish 3rd with the lap record, little consolation. The race director didn't apologize for changewithout telling anyone !!

The race will see the comeback of Ian Simpson from the end of the grid making a fantastic race, finishing second behind Cipriani. Guy Bertin completed the podium on which he refused to mount, it can be easily understood!

In 250cc, in despite of an bad start it's the French Vincent Levieux which do a perfect race. Behind him the fight is tight, Reuberger seems to keep the 2nd place but Saul bad started back in the vanguard and fight him for the podium to a round of the end where he must stop because of a loosing chain that jumps. Tennstadt take the opportunity to go ahead Reuberger and finish second of the 250cc race.

The weather holds and the 2nd race as the first takes place on a perfectly dry track. Expected at 4:15 p.m it looks exciting, Bertin having heart to forget his disappointment of the previous race. Guy wants to show that the result of the previous race does not reflect the reality.

This will be done because it takes a great start and run with more than 18 seconds to win without any doubt. He beat the lap record with 3 seconds faster than the winner of the first race.
In 250cc Eric Saul made ​​a great start and took off, he began the final lap with a comfortable lead, during the raidillon corner his selector has blocked in 3rd and must do a complete lap with the gearbox blocked. Reuberger did not expect much and it doubles Eric Saul who somehow managed to finish second. Colin Sleigh completed the podium. Saul console by signing the lap record. Saul console himself by signing the lap record.

Drivers leave all happy this weekend even if the federal organization left as a slightly bitter taste.
Next round during the last week-end in August on the Rijeka circuit in Croatia and the following week on the circuit Donnington in England under the English championship BSB.