It's on Hengelo circuit ion Netherland on 03 / 04 May that took place the second round of 2014 ICGP championship.

General ranking

The road-race of the schedule !

It was under an alternating sun that the first ICGP competitors arrived on Hengelo circuit for the second race of the 2014 season.

First test session on Saturday morning, it's cold but beautiful weather, high atmospheric pressure which will cause many seized. Luke Notton who wins the pole position ahead of Guy Bertin for 20 milliseconds, the races promise to be tight !
In 250 it was the Austrian Werner Reuberger titleholder in 2013 taking the pole ahead of Colin Sleigh and Stefan Tennstadt. Eric Saul broke his engine during the first round, he will be forced to forfeit because of not having enough parts to repair.

5pm on saturday start of the first race , Guy Bertin took the lead followed by Luke Notton and Mike Hose, These 3 will have a fight until crossing the finish line, Bertin always keeping enough margin to control his pursuer.

In 250 Reuberger will never worried by a solo race far ahead of its rivals, Sleigh and Tennstadt who completed the podium .

On sunday the weather is beautiful and for this second race. If Bertin control the situation, Ian Simpson, who broke his engine during the 1st race, which gave him the reply. These two riders race together without respite, Guy always keeping a few seconds more about Simpson and Notton.

A little further Mike Hose made a solitary race ahead Muggleton who go back of the group with Peter Howarth and Robert Hall all 3 arrived late to the grid and forced to start without warm lap.
Andy Muggleton will do a great race up until became 5 th. Richard Jones Peers which was his first race of the season stole the starting will be penalized by 20 seconds at the finish which puts him in 6th place.

In 250 it is still Werner Reuberger who will race solo followed by Colin Sleigh and Marco Auboiron that delights the podium in the last round on Bob Keller, Stefan Tennstadt have encountered mechanical problems will settle for 6th place.

Leif Nielsen fall at the chicane and have been transported to the hospital, clavicle and scapula broken, we wish him a quick recovery.

The races held once again on dry and sunny track. All drivers have enjoyed this Nordic weekend waiting to return in a month on the circuit of Jarama Spain for the third event of the year ICGP.

Lap record in 350cc class : Guy Bertin en 2.01.668 (new record)
Lap record in 250 class : Werner Reuberger en 2.10.167
Lap record in 250cc class: Eric Saul ( 2008) 2.09.178

350cc Race 1 :

  1. Bertin (F)
  2. Hart (GB)
  3. Notton (GB)

350cc Race 2 :

  1. Bertin (F)
  2. Simpson (GB)
  3. Notton (GB)

250cc Race 1 :

  1. Reuberger (A)
  2. Sleigh (GB)
  3. Tennstadt (D)

250cc Race 2 :

  1. Reuberger (A)
  2. Sleigh (GB)
  3. Auboiron (Fr)