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The Bikes
  • - Grand prix or factory road racing 2-stroke motorcycles 250/350cc built prior to December 1984.

  • - 250 and 350 machines will compete together but will be scored as separate classes.

  • - Only genuine racing machines are allowed, modified street bikes are not allowed.

  • - No replica parts allowed except manufacturing approved parts.

  • - All machines must comply with FIM rules regarding safety.

  • - All machines must have an excellent level of preparation.

  • - The bike must match to standards of the events where they will compete.

  • - The eligibility of pilots and machines is at the discretion of the organization.

  • - The motorcycle noise is limited to 102db, this is a mandatory rule.

  • - Frames must be steel or aluminium square or round section, no Deltabox allowed.

  • - All engines must be parallel twin, V twins motors engine are not allowed.

  • - Engine stroke and bore must be the same as when the bike was produced, cylinders must have period external size.

  • - Cylinder gugeons must have original location in the crankcase.

  • - All machines must have 18 or 16 inch wheels.

  • - Brakes are free.

  • - Air boxes are encouraged, this to reduce the noise level, new rules in Europe will soon ask to go under 102 DB..

  • - No upside down forks.

  • - No flat slide carburetors, except period Lectrons.

  • - No reed valves.

  • - No cassette gear boxes.

  • - No recut tyres, no wets.

  • - No change of tyres allowed in case of race restart (red flag ).

  • - No tyre warmers allowed.

  • - All period bikes are eligibles.

  • - Drain plug restraint, foot peg extremity rounded, recoil tank, etc..

  • -AVON tyres are not anymore mandatory in ICGP only thread tires for the 250 and 350 bikes.

Rules for the class : Yamaha Classic 250
  • - Genuine GP machines ( any make) from 1984 up to 2000.

  • - ICGP rules applies regarding general layout.

  • - This class will have a separate classification assuming that minimum 5 bikes are on the grid.

  • - This class is now open to any GP machine from the périod: Honda, Rotax, Cobas, etc... Tires are free, including slicks and tires warmers

The Riders
  • - Only registered members will score points in the Championship.

The License
  • - For British and foreign riders you need a National License with a Start Permission to race out of your respective country.

  • - For French riders you need a National License with a "Start Permission" or a "EU license Non Championship".

Eligibles motorcycle

Yamaha tz 250 / 350, Chevallier, Kawasaki A7R, Kawasaki 350 KR, Rotax, Bimota, Nicco Baker, Spondon, Egli, Harris, Maxton, etc ...